Public Affairs Firm STG Rebrands as ‘Arc Initiatives’

January 24, 2022

(Washington, DC) – Today, the public affairs firm STG rebrands and launches as Arc Initiatives, with a new website and organizing philosophy that brings together the client and cause-based work the firm pursues. The change to Arc Initiatives is a nod to the oft-cited quote, “The Arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Barack Obama employed the quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., itself paraphrased from an 1850 Theodore Parker speech. “The concept of ‘bending the arc’ anchors optimism in our politics, but it does not mean justice is a foregone conclusion,” said Arc Initiatives Managing Director Jonae Wartel. “It implies the need for good people to do good things. That’s how we bend the arc, and that’s our mission: to engage in campaigns that help bring a little more justice and fairness into the world.” “Making change and getting results is about taking the long view and finding a way forward even when the present is murky,” said Arc Initiatives CEO Dan Kanninen. “We choose to build on hard-fought progress and choose hope over fatalism. We bring confidence to causes in knowing we have a first class team that can identify, execute, and get the job done.” The Arc Initiatives team has run, worked, and won the most important elections and advocacy campaigns of this century. Team Arc has led in the White House, Congress, statehouses, and governors’ mansions – as well as Fortune 100 companies, trade groups, and global foundations. They have managed countless advocacy and marketing campaigns that have reached and moved target audiences to change the conversation and achieve their clients’ most ambitious campaign goals. From nationwide public persuasion campaigns targeting millions of households for persuasion and activation, to highly targeted, “inside baseball” advocacy campaigns that move niche audiences and specific decision-makers – they’ve done it all. Team Arc also continues to expand and hire additional staff. The team is a group of strategic, entrepreneurial, nimble, and tenacious professionals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and talents. From varied careers, including political campaigns, corporate communications shops, and activist efforts, Arc Initiatives brings together strategists, advocates, and communicators with a cause. “Arc Initiatives approaches all of our work with a campaign mindset, working hand-in-hand with our clients and their partners to understand their goals, and ultimately achieve them by bending the narrative and political arc of their issue,” said Arc Initiatives President Aaron Wells. “We have a new name, but at the core, we are the good people doing good work that you know and trust.” In addition to Wartel, Kanninen, and Wells, Arc Initiatives’ leaders include Julia Alschuler Goodman, Mike Naple, Morgan Hill, Tim Hogan, Maura Cowley, Nick Miner, Lauren Pollack, and Trey Pollard. For more information about Arc Initiatives', visit and follow @ArcInitiativeson Twitter.

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