Arc Initiatives Launches Strategic Partnership with Wildfire Contact

June 14, 2024

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, Arc Initiatives, a fully integrated public affairs consulting firm, announced they have become a co-owner of their long-standing strategic partner,  Wildfire Contact. Wildfire is a voter contact firm specializing in data acquisition, paid phone outreach, and SMS communications for political campaigns as well as issue advocacy organizations.   Arc Initiatives and Wildfire Contact are announcing an extended suite of services to empower campaigns and advocacy groups to modernize and supercharge their persuasion and mobilization campaigns as part of the partnership, including data procurement, live and patch through calls, peer-to peer texting, robocalls, and teletownhalls.   “This partnership reflects our understanding of the evolving landscape for grassroots organizing and direct contact, as well as our commitment to helping clients run impactful campaigns focused on reaching people where they are,” said Aaron Florence-Weinberg, Partner and President at Arc Initiatives. “In a critical year for our country, with pivotal elections and issues at stake, Arc and Wildfire will empower candidates and causes to connect with voters on a deeper level, ensuring campaigns break through the noise.”   Wildfire Contact has worked with presidential campaigns, high-profile Senate and House candidates, down-ballot races, and progressive causes at every level for over a decade, including setting the world record for the largest teletownhall.   “Wildfire Contact is excited to join with Arc Initiatives to leverage our expertise and drive change in this historic and important election year,” said Adrienne Bogen, Executive Director, Wildfire Contact. “With a shared dedication to empowering candidates and advancing causes, we're ready to support results-driven campaigns and ensure voters are in-the-know about the biggest issues facing our country.”   Arc’s collaboration with Wildfire Contact will include the following services:  
  • Live & Patch Through Calls
  We connect real people with real people. Our agents do everything from delivering a targeted message to asking a series of questions to event building and GOTV. These personal conversations can be used to create models, gauge public opinion of issues or candidates, or provide clients with the information they need to build their coalitions.  
  • Data Procurement
  Wildfire Contact works closely with industry leaders to help target, build, and purchase data for every type of program. Whether landlines, cellphones, email addresses, or names to go with phones on file, we get the data clients need to operationalize programs in the field. With the ability to procure a universe as wide as every registered voter in an entire state to something as granular as every registered voter in a specific zip code with a likelihood of supporting veterans issues and climate change issues, Wildfire will target and build universes that are the most impactful for specific outreach.  
  • Robocalls
  Wildfire offers an entire suite of automated calls, including leaving a standard message on an answering machine, a press one/interactive robocall, and conducting IVR logic surveys.  
  • Peer-to-Peer Texting
  With customizable, personalized, and professionally written scripting, Wildfire Contact executes texting programs off clients’ plates to reach thousands of voters or community influencers in your issue at the touch of the button while freeing up your volunteers to knock on doors and organize community events.  
  • Teletownhalls 
  Teletownhalls share information and developments with the community. Whether clients want to provide Information or gather it through polls and Q&As, Teletownhalls allow clients to reach a vast number of people simultaneously. All events are recorded for future use by your organization for added use towards earned media.   Earlier this year, Arc Initiatives also announced the launch of Arc Research, a full-service Research Department built by veteran operatives to offer clients a targeted and integrated approach to political, issue advocacy, and corporate research.   With this strategic partnership, Arc Initiatives and Wildfire Contact bring additional capacity to the table to help elevate the execution of political and issue campaigns. For more information, please contact Adrienne Bogen at

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